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Alex Aiono vs. Laura Marano | Radio Disney

Can Laura Marano beat Alex Aiono at his own game? Watch more from Radio Disney!

2016-09-22 01:29 1,136,129 879 Radiodisney

Alex Aiono vs. Sabrina Carpenter | Radio Disney

Alex Aiono challenges Sabrina Carpenter to see who can name more Back To School words! Watch more from Radio Disney!

2016-09-10 01:37 654,944 12,151 Radiodisney

Zendaya with Alex Aiono | Radio Disney

Alex Aiono asks Zendaya if he can be in Spider-Man! Watch more from Radio Disney!

2016-08-21 01:50 321,859 5,563 Radiodisney

Alex G and Alex Aiono Disney Song Challenge | Radio Disney

See who can remember more Disney lyrics! Watch more from Radio Disney! ▻https://youtu.be/9PvGQfng2Rk?list=PLevlzushmfJ41ylG8UXLPRj7xBK6Wv4n1 ...

2016-05-09 03:57 76,248 1,123 Radiodisney

Alex Aiono Radio Disney Insider Announcement | Radio Disney

Laura Marano helps welcome Alex Aiono to the Radio Disney team! The official Radio Disney channel is where you can get an inside look at what's new from ...

2016-03-09 01:05 25,088 897 Radiodisney

Sofia Carson and Alex Aiono - Spanish Songs Challenge | Radio Disney

Sofia Carson sees if Alex Aiono can translate these song titles! Watch more from Radio Disney!

2016-06-25 03:23 2,328,271 19,168 Radiodisney

Jordan Fisher NBT Quiz with Alex Aiono | Radio Disney

New NBT featured artist Jordan Fisher plays Alex Aiono's NBT quiz! Watch more from Radio Disney!

2016-09-04 02:32 71,277 1,626 Radiodisney

Alex Aiono Tries Making Balloon Animals | Radio Disney

See if Alex Aiono can learn to make balloon animals! Watch more from Radio Disney!

2017-01-10 02:36 22,047 738 Radiodisney

Radio Disney's 2016 in Review | Radio Disney

Alex Aiono, Kenny Holland, Nate, Megan, Maddy & Chase, Lela B, Carson Lueders, Gabby Douglas, Laura Marano, Alli Simpson, Candice, Betsy, Daniel, ...

2016-12-27 04:05 6,385 297 Radiodisney

Zendaya Talks Style with Laura Marano on “For The Record” | Radio Disney

Zendaya talks about finding her style with Laura Marano! Watch more from Radio Disney!

2016-03-30 02:06 27,430 973 Radiodisney